Sunday, June 3, 2012

What’s wrong with me?

People assume I have at least one kid after I state my age. I cannot believe the amazed looks I get they realize I’m childless. People look at me as if my age and my childless factor make me an unusual being that should be studied.  I am not so unusual, I promise.  There are plenty of women in the world that are my age that wave the childless banner for different reasons.  People take on a convincing tone when they describe to me “what a blessing kids are” as if I thought they were a curse. Kids made me…well let’s just say they made me nervous.  I would not even look in the direction of children’s clothes.   If a heard a kid crying, I would remove myself from the premises whenever possible.  As I got older, I, surprisingly, got into volunteer work that had me face to face with kids, and yes, this includes teenagers! If I was not sold on having a child of my own after dealing with an 8 year old, dealing with a 15 year old was certainly not going to help!  Then something happened. Seven years ago, my sweet, beautiful niece was born. She was a breath of fresh air.  She deserves a posting dedicated to her. I have noticed my tolerance level for a kid crying has increased. I actually stop and look at children’s clothes.  I have even caught myself looking at babies and thinking, “Now how cute is that baby.” I have NEVER done that!!  Now wait. Do not get excited. I still cannot say, with all of my heart, soul, mind, and spirit, that I actually want one of “those.”  People used to tell me, “When you fall in love, you will want a child then.” Guess what? Falling in love has not made me say with confidence, “I want a child.”  So until, or even IF, that confidence arrives, I will continue to recognize the “cuteness” in other people’s children, smile, and continue moving right along.


  1. Awwwwwh, Tamu that brought me to tears! Your neicy pooh loves you too!

    1. lol! no there is no crying on Tamu Talks..thanks for the support!