Friday, June 22, 2012

Fashion Edition: Summer Weddings

Since summer is my absolute favorite season and I’m attending several weddings during the season, it’s only fitting to do a segment on what to wear to a summer wedding. I do not claim the “fashion expert” title, but I do know a few things. What you will read here, and in future fashion segments, is inspired by my own style and fashion tragedies I’ve witnessed. Please note: some of what is discussed here can be applied to weddings in general. OK. Men, your best bet is to stick with linen to keep you cool, now stand by. Women, here we go. We see more couples opting for nontraditional ceremonies instead of the traditional church weddings. For example, I’m attending one wedding that will be outside and the other will take place in a ballroom. Because of the “nontraditional-ness,” attire for weddings has become slightly more flexible. This flexibility necessitates caution. I will be the first to embrace every moment to wear shorts, halter/strapless dresses and tops, and high-split skirts! But let us pump our brakes when we go to weddings. Please remember you are not at a party, a lounge, or in a club. It’s important to keep your “extra sexy, showing a lot of skin and I’m too sexy for my shirt” attire in the closet.  We already know that bright colors are so right for the summer. However, please do not wear the same bright colors that are themed in the wedding. Remember you are a guest, not part of the bridal party. So, look like you are a guest. I probably do not have to address this, but I will, for the sake of completion and clarity. If you show up in white, you deserve to be escorted to a far away land and that is all I will say about that. So you ask, “Well Tamu, since you have these “rules”, what do I wear?” Try an asymmetric dress, which always has sophistication without “over-shining.” Also, a simple A-Line dress with pleats or appliqué detail is classy. You can’t go wrong with the Maxi skirt or dress. Please don’t forget about the jersey dress, especially if it is strictly comfort that you are going for. I have posted pictures, but keep in mind they are only examples. If we were to get into accessories (shoes, jewelry, hand bags), that would be a totally new post. However, I would be more than happy to provide ideas for coordination of your complete ensemble, should you have further questions.

(ignore the dreadful flip flops)

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