Thursday, June 7, 2012

Get Over It

Many times we hold onto what people in our lives have done or said that have offended us. (These are not the same offenses I was speaking about in “The F Word.”) In many cases, the offense was not even intentional.  Sometimes we expect for people to be a certain way, treat us a certain way, and talk to us a certain way.  These expectations are fine, except these people may never be able to meet those expectations. This fact does not make them bad people. It means that we are waiting for them to fulfill a role they do not have the capability to fulfill.  Instead of being irritated and annoyed, a decision has to be made.  We need to decide what we are going to deal with and what needs to be left to the birds or left for someone else to deal with.  Do we keep that person close to us and just accept the role they CAN fill? Do we decide to keep those expectations and hope the person will someday meet them? (Stop here. If you are keeping hope alive on this one, bless your heart and get ready to be disappointed….again.)  Do we decide to distance ourselves from that person because the role they CAN fill just isn’t enough?  In either case, whatever we decide, we need to “get over it!”  We need to get over what they did or did not do that brought us so much frustration. If we decide that keeping that person close is important, we have to remember the type of person we are dealing with. Not one person walking this earth is perfect. Take me for example. I may smile like an angel (it’s a joke..laugh), but I am far from flawless. I know I can be domineering, also known as “bossy” and “overbearing.”  Because of this, I have often offended people very close to me. They know I have very limited capacity to fill a meek, apprehensive role, however, they continue to keep me close and deal with me (I appreciate it).  I have had to apologize for my affronts and as long as I live, there will be more apologies for me to hand out. I don’t want those that I care about to carry frustrations about what I have done, and I don’t want to carry irritations toward someone else.  So, can we get over it?

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