Sunday, October 25, 2015

What's in Your Closet?

If you are lucky enough (and I use lucky loosely) to live in a city that gets to experience all 4 seasons, then you know how iffy the weather can be between seasons, especially between Summer and Fall. One day it will be 75 and sunny with red leaves falling, the next day it can be 55 and windy...with red leaves still falling! Some transitional pieces are fabulous to have to get you through the "wishy-washy" seasonal change. Check out this gem that can either be worn as part of your look or worn just as outer wear. It's a pink fleece jacket that has satin sleeves, with extra fabric that can be fastened at the neck, in place of a scarf,  for added flare. The satin and fleece lining will give you just enough warmth without being too bulky. Even when you are traveling between warm and cold climates, this is a great piece to have. It's heavy enough to keep you warm but light enough to throw in a travel bag when you land on your beach! Here are some looks of how you can add this Blush Cozy Gem to your closet....
Easy to pair with a any black and white print

Or any grey print

Have fun pairing with multi-color prints!

How about pink, blue, and green!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Rocky Start

There is nothing wrong with stepping away from your business, from your projects, or from whatever has you overwhelmed. (If you are starting October smooth sailing with a free, refreshed mind, congratulations. Maybe you should be writing this blog post and not I!) If you are like me, you have a hard time stepping away, but sometimes you have to push pause to get refreshed. (S/N: To step away does not mean to ignore. Tamu is not telling you to ignore.) Perhaps you can find your refresher in doing/starting something this month that has nothing to do with work or whatever else has your focus 120% of the time.  For me, I've been wanting to support events that I care about. I've been wanting to spend time with family and friends consistently and not so sporadically. This month a friend of mine is holding an event to recognize the importance of mental health awareness. I will be there live and in color. My sisters and I had a plan (last year!) to meet every month for dinner. We did not stay true to our plan. So today, through gliding and texting, starting this month, we've made a plan to stick with our plan! Disrupting that 120% focus and put yourself into a position to focus on other people or other things, can be the refresher that you need to receive direction and be inspired all over again. 
Happy October!