Sunday, January 29, 2017

Some Inspiration Here, Some Inspiration There!

Happy Whatever Day it is when you read this!
I’m fortunate enough to have people in my life who have ambitions that are moving them out of their comfort zone as we “speak.” I’m fortunate because these people think big; they cause me to reach higher. I’m fortunate because when I start to feel like the process is too much, I can go to them and get advice or a listening ear. From adjusting the business plan to production financing to custom designing, this month the process was becoming bigger than my vision. This month fear was becoming bigger than my vision. Until….
A friend of mine shared a video by spoken word artist Richard Williams, aka Prince Ea. This video needs no introduction, so watch Williams bring to you “A Brand New Ending.”  

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Natural Beauty

     Are you ready for this? It is truly ground breaking! You may need to sit down for this one! I have two words for you: Argan Oil.
     So maybe the intro was dramatic, but I am officially impressed with Argan Oil. I know that it has been blended into hair products and moisturizers for years, so the oil itself is nothing new. I have been in search of one natural product that can either stop my pimple breakouts completely or at least, decrease the breakouts. When I approached my late 30s I noticed I was getting more pimples than I had when I was a teenager! I have used doctor prescribed pills and creams that will work temporarily, but when pills are out, pimples are back in! I refuse to take pills for the rest of my life for some damn pimples.  My current facial product that I use for my cleansing and moisturizing routine is Aveeno. I like how my skin looks and feels after. I also use a Neutrogena acne gel product that does a decent job of killing the pimples once I get them. But I needed more.
     I didn’t want to start buying up brand new facial products or completely change my routine; that’s not good for the skin either. I decided to take a few minutes to ready just a little more on this Argan Oil. Alongside the benefits for hair, the other benefit I bumped into is it minimizes pimple breakouts. I rolled my eyes at that one because it seemed counter intuitive to put oil on your face stop acne breakouts. I took a $7 chance 6 weeks ago, and my pimple breakouts have decreased dramatically. Within that 6 weeks, I’ve only had 3 pimples. When before I was getting 3 or more a week! I use one drop of oil at night: I put one drop in my hand, rub my hands together and press my hands on my face and neck. I started noticing the difference in my skin 2 weeks after using it, but I wanted to use the product a little longer before blogging and recommending it. Even if you have clear, flawless skin, I would still recommend using it as a moisturizer at night, especially if you have combination skin (You know the confusing type: dry one day, oily another, both dry and oily on the third day!).

Have you found any new remedies or have a product you can’t live without? Please share with us and comment below.

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