Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Exit to the Left

At the end of the year, it's human nature to do a review of the year. I've never planned a huge New Year Blow Out: the year goes by so fast and this year is no different. Some people are having dinner with their families and showing gratitude for each other. Some are using New Year's Eve as an excuse to act a damn fool, even though they've acted a damn fool for the last 364 days.  Some people have their popcorn, m&m's, and T.V. remote ready to catch up on mess reality T.V. and Netflix. Right now, some are planning their grand entrance into that New Year's Eve party. There are some who may not be feeling festive at all for so many reasons.  No one can tell you how you should feel on this day: just like no one can tell you how to spend this day. But how about this: Consider that how this 365th day is spent, could set the tone for the next 365 days. Ready, set, go!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Top (slightly random) 9's of 2014

Every year at this time, I'm stunned that another year is saying good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night, and good bye! Sixteen more days. Early this morning, I found myself smiling. I hope you find yourself smiling on each of the sweet sixteen days left. Hopefully, to add to your smiles and to continue with Tamu Talks version of  a year-end review, take a look at "Tamu's Top (slightly random) 9's of 2014. Wait...this list is in no particular order of importance.ok.proceed.

*Accepting the Dream-I couldn't have list without putting ME on it!

*My first fashion show- And again, I couldn't have a list without putting ME on it!

*Yes to the Dress- My baby sister trying on wedding dresses was a tear jerker. She doesn't know this, but before we started looking, I had to prep myself to avoid tears at all cost. I've done well, so far. What can I say, she's my baby sister!

*Final Obstacle- My mother received results that solidified her title, EVERYWHERE! These results represented the last part of the obstacle course that she has been in for the last 15+ years.

*The overwhelming focus on real and fake booties: For some reason, I don't feel the need to elaborate on this.

*Dunkin Donuts opening up 2 minutes away from me:Yes! You read correctly. Let me explain. When I was studying at Parsons, Dunkin Donuts' coffee gave me life during my late nights working on projects. When I left New York, I left Dunkin. DD was 2 minutes away from my apartment in midtown Manhattan, so you can see why it holds a special place in my heart.

*Gertie- A friend of mine, who I call "Gertie", had to make some very uncomfortable and scary changes all the way down to relocating! She may have felt she was starting over, but she started a brand new chapter. She.did.that.
"Gertie" is synonymous with Courage.

*Kermit- He has been both messy and funny, saying what people are thinking and addressing blatant foolishness, all the while sipping tea.

*The Elevator- The following is the current explanation of that fiasco: "Of course sometime $hit go' down when it's a billion $$ on an elevator"
All I want for Christmas is the complete, unedited version of the fiasco.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Gown

The Gown. The Gown. The Gown. Now that I have that off of my chest let me say this: Starting this label, I made up my mind to keep my focus on tops, skirts, and dresses and then expand from there. In the meantime, I was approached about making a gown. I almost turned that project down because gowns weren't my focus. You maybe thinking, "A gown is considered a dress..#blankstare". Correct you are. But, making an evening gown is different from making a day dress or even a cocktail dress. Now that the gown is done, I know that not taking that client on would've been a mistake. I have to honestly say, it gave me another courage boost. From what started off looking like a costume for Morpheus in the next Matrix movie, it turned out to be a nice, simple, classic-looking gown. I do thank my client for putting her "clothing-style" trust in me! Take a look.

Monday, December 1, 2014

See You in December!

Between finishing this evening gown and fighting a gnat, I dare not miss December 1st! I'm entering in a contest with MAC Cosmetics, where I have to submit a short, life mantra, along with a picture. So, in recognition of 12/1, I'm posting the "mantra" I'm going to submit below (not to mention, I need to save time and it's already written!) 
See you in December!
"Everything you have is enough to just BE. We look to the outside for inspiration. Being inspired by another's story is wonderful, but when no other story can be found- we all have our own we can turn to at any time. We look to others to tell us what career we should pursue when we were born with dreams bigger than us. We take quizzes that supposedly tell us what we are good at; even though we know what our gifts are.  We look to self-help books, seminars, and church to help us get control of our flaws. We neglect our strengths that are striving to be stronger for fear of accepting our imperfections as perfect. We are always looking for more before we "start" pursuing. Everything we have, within, is more than enough."

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Come on chic, Focus!

This post ties into our last round table discussion about "Private Practice." Earlier that same morning, I almost didn't reload my business card case because I wasn't "feeling" like a business owner or a fashion designer. I thought "I probably won't meet anyone today anyway, so what's the point?" Talk about being in your feelings! But I just couldn't give in. So like a good, grown up, business woman, I reloaded!
Maintaining focus on your vision sometimes means ignoring your emotions. If your vision is to write books, even on days that you don't "feel" like an author, you still have to focus and write! On the same day, I read an article on that outlined Richard Branson's "Virgin" success story. The article addressed moving past emotions and feelings in order to touch your vision. Meeting the friend of the boutique owner and reading that article; Maybe small coincidences like these show up in life just when we need them to whip us back into shape.  For that, I am grateful.

Private Practice

This blog was started to feed my hunger for writing.  I didn’t realize it would turn into some sort of a diary. This is so ironic because I am actually a private person.  Sometimes I wonder what I got myself into. I don’t wake up in the morning and make an extra effort to put a wall up, so blame it on my genes; blame it on my parents (Hi Dave and Mel!)  Honest moment: I find it annoying for a person I don’t know to ask me personal questions.  I like to be the FIRST to start that personal part of a conversation. (Control issue perhaps?) I know that the question, “So, what do you do?” Is a conversation starter, but so is “How about that weather?”  This little situation came up yesterday. I got the “So what do you do?” question from a stranger, with no lead- in questions.  It took me a few seconds to respond because thoughts of “You aren’t Oprah” and “None of your business” took over.  I made the decision to act my age, kind of, and I responded, vaguely, “I design clothes”.  To my surprise, there was another person in the vicinity who overheard my half conversation with the stranger. This other one let me know her best friend, owner of a boutique, is currently looking for a new label to carry. She offered to connect me with her boutique owner friend.  I don’t know if this networking moment will turn into a business deal or not.  But I was taught something….again. Had I not shared with the stranger “What I do”, would that opportunity have presented itself? Would I still have made that potential connection that could grow my label? A comfort zone is just that…a comfort…zone… The zone can be an emotional zone and a personality zone. Stepping out that comfort zone has to be continual because being comfortable does not necessarily equate to being fulfilled.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

I remember October

I remember October like it was yesterday. Today, instead of enjoying another 1st, I wasted some moments looking around to see where October went. To tell on myself a little more, I just  remembered that our clocks go back an hour tonight. I sent out reminder messages to people in my life about this "fall back" business. How ironic: I'm the one that forgot and yet I saw fit to send out reminder messages. I guess I have some nerve. In other news, I hope that you have welcomed November with smiles and open arms. Yesterday someone said to me, "You seem so strong and happy." I appreciated the compliment and realized this person had tears in her eyes because of a tough situation she was dealing with. I shared some words with her in hopes that she would not look down on herself. What she did not know is that yesterday, I really had to force a smile, a laugh, and a strong, positive attitude.  Her words helped me, and I hope my words helped her. More irony: You could be moving through a tough situation but yet still be an inspiration to someone else. It's a good thing you don't have to feel like you're an inspiration to be one.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Advice-Get it!

We can't take on major endeavors alone. By that I mean, you will have to; find resources, get feedback, ask a ton of "how-to" questions, and ask for advice. When it comes to asking for advice, I have found that there are those who will be vague and those who will seem to have "forgotten so unfortunately" they won't be able to help. This is not to take away shine from people who will freely give advice, as those people are very much appreciated. I ask questions with the expectation of getting the answers I need. My philosophy: No harm in asking, the worst a person can do is ignore me or just tell me no. HOWEVER, I've had to remind myself to not take it personal when a person is not keen on giving advice. People aren't required to give advice or share how they got to where they are (wherever that is).  When people don't share, it could be for many reasons for which we should find a cup of tea to sip and not let those reasons concern us. So, keep that smile on your face, maintain a pleasant approach and reach out to the next person.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Put YOU on the calendar

While working on my next collection, I decided to work in a few other extra sample pieces. One is an evening gown; which is not a part of my original focus, but I'm going to try it anyway. I was asked to design a gown after my model went shopping and wasn't able to find a gown she liked.  I was a little nervous taking it on, but since I've started working on it, I'm excited to see the finished product. (Maybe I should post "in progress" pics...hmmmm)  In the meantime, the calendar is booked to capacity (Again, not trying to quote Tamar Braxton here).  While I was looking over it, I realized I had not scheduled time just for myself. I don't think scheduling "time for myself" should include the gym or the salon! To me "time for myself" means quiet...peace and quiet talking, no writing, no planning, no thinking.  So while you carefully fill in your calendar with dates, times, and reminders, make a YOU appointment.  

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Clothes Everywhere!

So, if you've been to my website (, you've seen this dress. If you follow me on facebook, you've seen this dress. If you follow me on twitter, you've seen this dress. If you follow me on instagram.........and repeat again!
It's been challenging to balance the business and creative portion of this monster, but slowly, I'm learning. To help me balance, each time I finish either a piece or a full collection, I've decided to post pictures, whether the garment is on a dress form or a model. In my mind, people are anticipating my designs and people want to see pictures. Call it overly confident, but thinking that way keeps the tenacity brewing! While you browse through pictures past, present, and future, remember, custom orders are available. And the work continues........
Little Lavender Dress...with a vintage flair.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I am a comedienne. Not really. That has never stopped me from laughing at my own jokes nor has it stopped me from laughing while typing a funny (or what I think is funny) message. Lately, I’ve noticed I haven’t been laughing as much. I’ve been tense and probably a little too serious. When the days are long, being “on” and “upbeat” throughout, is a challenge. But….smiles and laughs are not only instant attitude boosters; they are FREE, unlimited necessities.
(Were you waiting for an ending? That was the end of this post. And yes; I used a smiley face for the title)  

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Back to work!

I hope you have had a chance to check out my first Spring/Summer Collection on my website:  So now that my hiatus has been over, I’ve been researching retailers that would be a good fit for my label and preparing marketing material to send in hopes of getting meetings with optimistic buyers! Oh yeah; and still sewing. Here’s where you, my dear, lovely, faithful, reader, can help. (Did I mention you were lovely and faithful?)
Please tell me what you want and need to see when you walk into a women’s wear boutique. Just give me the first few words that come to your mind; your comments can be about the clothes, your comments can be about the people that work there, your comments can be about the dressing room….anything! I look forward to getting your feedback. Bonne nuit!

Monday, September 1, 2014

September's Gift

Since I'm still on this "vacation" that I promised myself, I'll keep this short. This is a new month with blank pages. We have been given the gift to write new life stories, our life stories, on those blank pages. I hope you fill yours up with progress, wisdom, accomplishments, laughs, and beautiful memories. Happy writing.