Saturday, November 15, 2014

Private Practice

This blog was started to feed my hunger for writing.  I didn’t realize it would turn into some sort of a diary. This is so ironic because I am actually a private person.  Sometimes I wonder what I got myself into. I don’t wake up in the morning and make an extra effort to put a wall up, so blame it on my genes; blame it on my parents (Hi Dave and Mel!)  Honest moment: I find it annoying for a person I don’t know to ask me personal questions.  I like to be the FIRST to start that personal part of a conversation. (Control issue perhaps?) I know that the question, “So, what do you do?” Is a conversation starter, but so is “How about that weather?”  This little situation came up yesterday. I got the “So what do you do?” question from a stranger, with no lead- in questions.  It took me a few seconds to respond because thoughts of “You aren’t Oprah” and “None of your business” took over.  I made the decision to act my age, kind of, and I responded, vaguely, “I design clothes”.  To my surprise, there was another person in the vicinity who overheard my half conversation with the stranger. This other one let me know her best friend, owner of a boutique, is currently looking for a new label to carry. She offered to connect me with her boutique owner friend.  I don’t know if this networking moment will turn into a business deal or not.  But I was taught something….again. Had I not shared with the stranger “What I do”, would that opportunity have presented itself? Would I still have made that potential connection that could grow my label? A comfort zone is just that…a comfort…zone… The zone can be an emotional zone and a personality zone. Stepping out that comfort zone has to be continual because being comfortable does not necessarily equate to being fulfilled.

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