Saturday, November 15, 2014

Come on chic, Focus!

This post ties into our last round table discussion about "Private Practice." Earlier that same morning, I almost didn't reload my business card case because I wasn't "feeling" like a business owner or a fashion designer. I thought "I probably won't meet anyone today anyway, so what's the point?" Talk about being in your feelings! But I just couldn't give in. So like a good, grown up, business woman, I reloaded!
Maintaining focus on your vision sometimes means ignoring your emotions. If your vision is to write books, even on days that you don't "feel" like an author, you still have to focus and write! On the same day, I read an article on that outlined Richard Branson's "Virgin" success story. The article addressed moving past emotions and feelings in order to touch your vision. Meeting the friend of the boutique owner and reading that article; Maybe small coincidences like these show up in life just when we need them to whip us back into shape.  For that, I am grateful.

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