Monday, December 1, 2014

See You in December!

Between finishing this evening gown and fighting a gnat, I dare not miss December 1st! I'm entering in a contest with MAC Cosmetics, where I have to submit a short, life mantra, along with a picture. So, in recognition of 12/1, I'm posting the "mantra" I'm going to submit below (not to mention, I need to save time and it's already written!) 
See you in December!
"Everything you have is enough to just BE. We look to the outside for inspiration. Being inspired by another's story is wonderful, but when no other story can be found- we all have our own we can turn to at any time. We look to others to tell us what career we should pursue when we were born with dreams bigger than us. We take quizzes that supposedly tell us what we are good at; even though we know what our gifts are.  We look to self-help books, seminars, and church to help us get control of our flaws. We neglect our strengths that are striving to be stronger for fear of accepting our imperfections as perfect. We are always looking for more before we "start" pursuing. Everything we have, within, is more than enough."

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