Sunday, June 19, 2016

That's Just Life

     It’s a beautiful start to the summer. I hope your beginning has been just as productive and hot as mine has been. I’m so sorry that all of this time has gone by since we last chatted! Did I mention I was sorry?!
     Now I could take the easy route and say “Well that’s just the way life is.” But I won’t. The reason I haven’t blogged in 6 weeks is because I didn’t stick with my blogging plan. Period.  
    “That’s just life.” During the last 6 weeks, I’ve heard this phrase so much that I started to wonder if we use it to avoid action and/or to justify with settling for something we aren’t happy with. So naturally, I decided to “blog it.”  
     There are those things in life when saying “Well that’s just life” will work: When it would be perfectly fine to drive at 65 mph, but you do 55 because the sign says to or You don’t have a pre-screen check mark on your boarding pass, so you have to stand in the regular security check line…Yep! That IS just life.
    But how about this: I’ve witnessed people use the phrase after finding out they didn’t get the job they wanted and then follow up with “I guess I’ll always make the same amount of money. That’s life.” Here’s another situation not so much about money, but more about environment and the desire for something new: “I didn’t get that position. It’s life, so I might as well get comfortable where I’m at.”
     In both instances, the individuals quit looking for progress. They didn’t even consider that perhaps they have the abilities to create their own opportunities and advancements. I don’t like to hear people count themselves out especially when a person is wearing unhappiness like wearing a leather coat in the summertime! I attempted to offer some encouraging words, although I don’t if my attempt was successful.
     Do you get what I’m saying here? I’m not talking about smelling roses, running into the sunset, and perfection every day! But if it is “just life”, then I believe life was meant to be experienced happily on purpose.
                                           Chime in. Let me know what you think.