Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Party Styles

Holiday parties, it's time; both family and business holiday parties alike. Showing up to the parties and sometimes planning them can be the easy part. It’s the “what do I wear” part that can take some serious thought.  Let’s take the business or company holiday party; You probably want to avoid that loaded sequins, short dress. You definitely want to stay away from low cut dresses or blouses.  You can be sexy at the company holiday party without appearing confused about where you are. A suggestion would be to wear free flowing dress with a moderate neckline and knee length. Take this opportunity to emphasize the accessories, yes this includes your shoes. If you have decided to host a holiday party or dinner, you are the assumed life of the party. You maybe tired from planning, decorating, and cooking, if you’re lucky (notice the sarcasm when I say “lucky”), so you want to stay comfortable while you mingle. To look like the carefree host who planned a fabulous party effortlessly, I have posted some pictures of outfit ideas that could work. How can we forget about that “I’m going to eat everything I possibly can” event that’s showing up very soon (Some of you are so excited that you’re already planning how to pack as much food as you can on your plate).  It helps to be dressed in comfortable clothes, not only because of the food, but for the travel that happens on Thanksgiving. You’re at your parent’s house, your pretend auntie’s house, your 3rd cousin’s house; that house hopping can get real!  You know when you get together with family and friends, you take pics that always end up on facebook, twitter, instagram (did I miss one?).  Comfortable and fashionable do go together! For example instead of one of my usual form fitting dresses, I’ll go with a dress that has more of a flare or is an A-line. The easiest outfit would be to take a pair of leggings with a funky print and match it with a tunic that falls slightly off of the shoulders. Have fun, be cute, and be merry.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sweet November

With 3 days in, the month has been eventful in a good way for which I am grateful. I must admit that time got away from me to write a full post this weekend, but I wanted to drop in and say that I hope YOUR month has started off in the best way. I hope you looked in the mirror and gave yourself credit for what you accomplished last month, even if some minor adjustments had to be made.  I hope you know you must be something real special to get another chance to go after what you want. I hope you take hold of the reigns and go forward and refuse to be held back by anything or anybody. So shine bright (“like a diamond” I had to :-), it is November 2013.