Thursday, May 31, 2012

Emotional Freedom

Being honest about your emotions is freedom. It’s essential that I have people around me that I can be emotionally honest with. I can’t have people in my life me that would make me feel that somehow I have to paint a “pretty” picture. No Thank you! Those who truly love you and want to see you progress are those who welcome your out pour. They may not know what to say at that moment, but they listen.  I’m surprised at how many people cover up their emotions because they don’t want to appear weak. That is quite the contrary! People who can admit to feeling angry, sad, unfulfilled, or even depressed are displaying strength. What good does it do to hide behind a fake smile or laugh? You hear about people “going off”, “going crazy”, or “losing their minds” everyday. When someone asks, “how are you?” we are so conditioned to say, “I’m good”, with a half crooked smile because really, we are not. Now I’m not telling you or your cousins to walk around frowning at people just to let people know you are unhappy. What I am telling you to do is go ahead and feel what you are feeling. Allow yourself to feel now, so that two years later, you don’t find yourself “going off” in the produce section at Wal-Mart because the apples aren’t red enough.  I promise you, whatever emotion you are trying to push away and ignore, will sneak up on you at the most inappropriate times. You will be angry all of a sudden and you won’t know why or you will respond irrationally to a situation (as seen in the previous apple example).  I’m ending this, but let’s revisit emotional freedom later.   

This is a “Just in case You were wondering” moment

Tamu is a unique name. For a minute, I could not handle its’ uniqueness. That is the long way of saying, “I hated it”.  Tamu is actually my middle name, which comes from the Swahili language of Africa.  The name means “sweet one”.  I have grown to love it. Consider this your history lesson for today. That’s all.

Small Beginnings

“You talk so much, you should start a blog”- Some would find that statement insulting, but you have to know the individual who said it to me, to realize, it actually is a compliment. It took me a few months to decide to create one. I got tired of trying to decide which direction to take, so I just went for it, and still, I do not know what I am doing.  I knew I wanted to create a blog that was simple to read. I did not want my content to include anything about “famous” people (we get enough of that), news (we can go to CNN for that right?). I want my blog to be about you and I.  I want my blog to be about real things that mean something. I want you to leave my blog feeling good about the minutes you spent, not feeling burdened, or feeling like you have wasted 5 minutes of your life that you can never get back. On my blog, you will find topics on everyday things you think about while you’re driving (no I’m not going to give examples).  I’ll throw in some “talks” on health (because we have to take care of our bodies), and of course, I will have to talk about cosmetics and a little bit of fashion, because it is the “womanly” thing to do. You will find slight, sometimes dry, humor, and occasional sarcasm. You may or may not find motivation or inspiration on Tamu Talks.  You will leave this blog smiling and anticipating your next read. So enjoy…and for charlie’s sake…please comment!!