Saturday, August 12, 2017

She's Booked!

Active, fully scheduled, booked lives call for a fast and simple makeup application, right? Right! Especially if you’ve only slept for 5 hours or if you are sitting in an airport waiting on an early morning flight, wondering why you booked an early assed flight to begin with?! Here’s an easy 5-minute look: Start with an eye shadow stick-no blending necessary. The one I use is the massive midnight chubby stick by Clinique. I chose to cover my eye lid, but you can take the application easy and use the stick as eye liner that will create a thick line for top lash line. For the cheeks, go with an actual bronzer or a gold cheek color.  My go to is Makeup Forever’s gold dual cheek and eye color. If you go with a dark color like I did, keep the lips subtle with a nude gloss: I used bamboo pink long wear lipstick by Clinique.
 Side note: Yes, it’s still Summer and I’m showing you a dark eye color. Don’t get caught up in the “Summer colors versus Winter vs Spring colors”! Keep it simple…color is color is color! Wear all of them all year! Another side note: Wear all the colors that match your skin tone, okay?! A look like this is easy to make packing, for a busy day or vacation, easier. A makeup look like this can take you from day into evening. So, instead of packing every lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush we have, we can narrow our makeup bag to a “few” items. I know your schedule is crowded, but your makeup bag doesn’t have to be!

Do you want to pack a makeup bag that looks like this...