Tuesday, November 28, 2017

40.. No Kids? No Husband? Oh NO!

Let’s talk about it. I was trying my best not to post about it, but I keep getting hit with the topic. How can I be 40, child-less and husband-less?! When I tell people my age, they are surprised to learn of my no kid/no husband status. Here are some of the reactions I get: “Wait, so you’ve never been married?” “You do have kids though, right?” “How old are you again?” “Did you just not want kids/husband?”  “Oh, you just haven’t met the right guy yet.” I also get “You’re just too independent.” “I get it. You’re married to your career.” “It must be nice to have extra time to yourself.” “Dating has to be difficult; ya’ know..trying to find the right guy.” “Wow!” (concerned looks go here).

For a long time, I was taught that I should want kids and marriage, but “be married first because that’s the right thing to do!” Those messages came from family and other people around me. When I started to develop my own view of how I wanted my life to look, not how I was told it should look, I realized something. Having kids and being married did not fit. I used to think that something was wrong with me for not wanting “kids who are such a blessing” and for not wanting to be married so I could “build a life with someone else”.  I tried to force myself to be comfortable with that image. For fear of being viewed as selfish or plain nuts, it took time for me to be assertive about how I wanted my life to look. It took time for me to not feel shame for being clear about what I wanted to include and not include in my life.  

I can’t speak for every single, child-less woman who is of the same age, but these women may appreciate the following ground rules:
    Don’t assume we have extra time to spare because we’re single with no kids. If you see extra time laying around anywhere, could you please pass some on to me?!
      Don’t assume that we don’t want nor are we not in a committed relationship. 
    Don’t say to us, “You’re married to your career” because that sounds dumb. We don’t need for you to create another reason or soften our reasons for not wanting to be married.
    Don’t tell us we are too independent. As if a woman married with children is somehow not independent..?
      Don’t scrunch up your face and show concern for the choices we have made for our lives. Don’t be so shocked. We’re happy.

I can feel a part two coming on. In the meantime, I’d love to read what you think. Please comment below!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Pardon Me While I Break

This year has taught me how important it is to declutter mentally.  We work, work, and work some more, and then repeat, without scheduling and taking mental breaks.  Mental breaks are needed to make sure we are still owning our lives, situations, goals instead of our lives, situations, and goals owning us.  We need mental breaks to be sure that we are still doing what we are doing for OUR right reasons.  Notice I said, “OUR right reasons”: not the reasons that other people think we should have, but for the reasons that will allow us to be as fulfilled as we can possibly be.  Mental breaks will “un-cloud” us.  We need mental breaks to be sure that we are keeping the right people around us.  Mental breaks will show us who we need to love from a distance.  Mental breaks will open us up to new opportunities and higher levels of creativity.  Mental breaks are our chance to THINK; think about our next big move, to think about what opportunities we can create.  Most of all, mental breaks are free. Take One!