Sunday, April 29, 2018

When Opportunities Knock, Snatch Them In!

What happens when the opportunities we want start to appear in our lives? How do we treat those opportunities that we’ve worked so hard to obtain? Do we run from them? Do we find a way to talk ourselves out of them?

I was presented with an opportunity not too long ago. This opportunity just happens to be one of those that I think about constantly. It’s one I have written down. It’s one I’ve been busting my ass for to make sure I’m always ready; always prepared. With no negative help from the outside, the negative conversation within began instantly. I could fill up an entire notebook of all the reasons I told myself to let the opportunity drop. “Who is going to listen to me?” “I don’t have things ‘all the way’ together yet.” “Sometimes I’m wingin’ it.” “Do I really have anything to say that people can benefit from?!” “I think I should have more experiences before I give a talk.”

We would never throw that negativity at someone we love, so why would we do this to ourselves?! Unbelievable, right?! I know you can relate. Let’s make a deal with each other. Starting right now, for every opportunity we receive, let’s tell ourselves:

 “I’m grabbing this opportunity by the neck; with both hands! Why? Because I’ve earned this one. I’ve done my research. I’ve asked the right people the right questions. I know my shit. I’ve worked hard for a reason. I’ve prepared myself for this and the other opportunities to follow. My experience says I’m ready. I deserve this. So, I will put this opportunity on my calendar and celebrate this one as a WIN!”

Share with us your wins & your opportunities! 

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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Spring Break: For Adults Only!

When the air starts to get warm, I start to think about traveling. Ok. I think about traveling every day and it has nothing to do with the weather! My point: now is the time for Spring Break. Kids get a Spring Break. Adults need a Spring Break too! Also, this is the time where many of you are finalizing your trips for the rest of 2018. Planning vacations should be fun, but sometimes it can be a chore from deciding where to go, how long to stay, what to do when you get there, to packing!  I am sharing links to a few helpful articles I’ve found that offer travel tips and vacation ideas. Happy Travels!
 Share this with your travel buddies. I would love to know where you are going, so tell me in the comments.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

When I Realized I Was Not Organized!

 I have come to the realization that I am not as organized as I was claiming to be! When I first started my business, I told myself, for example, “Since I’m a one-woman show right now, I don’t need that extra folder” or “I don’t need another label, I’ll remember where I put it (“it” was many things!). I was so wrong!
How did I come to this realization? As I’ve been doing more marketing, creating more samples, prepping to move into a larger studio to make room for hiring, there have been files, pictures, resources, spreadsheets, documents that I need instant access to, but they are all over the place! My thought process of “It’s just me, I’m just a small business, I don’t need to create all of these files yet” has kicked me in the ass. But I’m getting it together! With the help of a project management tool I’ve decided to start using, here is a run-on sentence of what I’m learning:
*Function Like a Big Business! Organize for where you want to be
Regardless of the space of your current studio or office, act like you have a separate marketing and operations department! i.e. Create a marketing file/folder/section separate from your operations file/folder/section
Organize projects and tasks as if you have other people working with you
While we are building, let’s put processes in place as if we have a huge team already
Let’s save ourselves an extra 30 minutes of searching for things we need; i.e. make sure important emails have their own separate folders to make information easy to access, organize photo shoot pictures according to dates, organize supply orders by item type and even color and price if you have to
When you are ready to start adding to your team, you’ll make your life easier if you can tell them exactly how to access a certain folder, where to store information, and the list goes on. Having a system will also help you delegate your tasks. If we don’t have some type of system in place, how will we know what to delegate! *
If all of this has come easy for you, then please comment with tips on how you stay organized in your big business! If you are like me, then I hope what I am learning is of help to you. Let’s get and stay organized together! Cheers to that.