Sunday, March 22, 2015

Number 38

 I had this genius idea to do a photo shoot for my 38th birthday. I was going to be in one of my own modern Iconic by Tamu creations, surrounded by a clean, relaxed background mixed with modern props and hints of vintage with a sassy edge. This photo shoot was going to be fun, but your girl ran out of time. Then I realized, I didn't actually plan anything for my birthday. Usually, I start sending out "save the dates" for my birthday celebration at least 6 months in advance. I didn't do that for number 38. I would have loved to have planned a party or a vacation near a beach and some palm trees. I started to feel some disappointment for a few moments, until I heard a story of a woman who was diagnosed with cancer some years back. The cancer went into remission, but she recently found out that not only is the cancer back, but it has spread. Shame on me for feeling disappointed! Shame on me for losing sight of the gifts in front of me! No, I haven't spent my birthday weekend on a beach, sipping on one of those drink with the little umbrella on the side. But I have been spending my birthday weekend with some VIPs and Bosses....sipping. However you identify what/who those blessings are, celebrate them because they are there, now, in front of you.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

ALL-STAR B!+c#es

If you are fortunate enough to have your life anniversary in March or know someone who does, then you know how special today is. Don't worry. This post won't highlight how fabulous March babies are, or the fact that my birthday is in 21 days, or that you don't have to wait until the 22nd to send gifts. So, allow me to highlight this.
Lately, I've had conversations with people who are absolutely themselves! What am I talking about?  "Of course you'll have to help me, I can be stupid sometimes", "I have such an ugly shape", "I don't like how my voice sounds", "Why do I have to be so picky, I'm such a freak", "I'm such an idiot for doing this"; The negative words that people used to describe themselves was so overwhelming. By the way, these words weren't spoken by kids, they were coming from grown-ups, the "mature I don't get carded anymore" adults! I'm all for a coke, a smile, a good joke, and a laugh, but ...DAMN.  Doesn't anyone believe in the power words have? Doesn't anyone consider that life can have a way of bringing you what you speak? As adults, aren't we to become more accepting of ourselves? Shouldn't the words we speak about ourselves be filled with life, authority, and confidence? Shouldn't we look in the mirror and see a fearless warrior, a survivor, a VIP, an All-Star?