Monday, November 16, 2015

Camouflaged Fashion Corner

This post wasn't a "planned" one, but I got so many compliments off of my outfit the other day, I thought I should blog about it. (Sure, go ahead, call me vain for blogging about my compliments!)  I paired a camouflage jacket with a purple knit, strapless dress.  One of the comments I kept getting was, "I would never think to wear those two together, it looks really cool." Well, camouflage is a print that can be paired with anything...well almost anything. Pairing the print with any solid color works. You an also pair with another pattern that has neutral colors and layer with a solid. Did I post some pics of how camouflage can be worn? Of course I did! Only for YOU. Enjoy.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

A November Upgrade

Hello, again, my fellow bosses. Here's a short one, straight and to the point, just for you and me!
Stop diminishing your ambitions with soft words. "I'm trying to build...I'm trying to start a business...I'm trying to get this (whatever "this" is) off of the ground. Upgrade your ambitions with "I AM building..I HAVE a business.." Stop diminishing your talents with soft words. "I have some experience with...I do a little bit of that (whatever "that" is)." Upgrade your talents with "I KNOW how to do ....I AM experienced in..." Outside elements will try to chip away at your ambitions and talents; don't help them!
Take your November.