Sunday, October 12, 2014

Put YOU on the calendar

While working on my next collection, I decided to work in a few other extra sample pieces. One is an evening gown; which is not a part of my original focus, but I'm going to try it anyway. I was asked to design a gown after my model went shopping and wasn't able to find a gown she liked.  I was a little nervous taking it on, but since I've started working on it, I'm excited to see the finished product. (Maybe I should post "in progress" pics...hmmmm)  In the meantime, the calendar is booked to capacity (Again, not trying to quote Tamar Braxton here).  While I was looking over it, I realized I had not scheduled time just for myself. I don't think scheduling "time for myself" should include the gym or the salon! To me "time for myself" means quiet...peace and quiet talking, no writing, no planning, no thinking.  So while you carefully fill in your calendar with dates, times, and reminders, make a YOU appointment.  

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