Sunday, October 26, 2014

Advice-Get it!

We can't take on major endeavors alone. By that I mean, you will have to; find resources, get feedback, ask a ton of "how-to" questions, and ask for advice. When it comes to asking for advice, I have found that there are those who will be vague and those who will seem to have "forgotten so unfortunately" they won't be able to help. This is not to take away shine from people who will freely give advice, as those people are very much appreciated. I ask questions with the expectation of getting the answers I need. My philosophy: No harm in asking, the worst a person can do is ignore me or just tell me no. HOWEVER, I've had to remind myself to not take it personal when a person is not keen on giving advice. People aren't required to give advice or share how they got to where they are (wherever that is).  When people don't share, it could be for many reasons for which we should find a cup of tea to sip and not let those reasons concern us. So, keep that smile on your face, maintain a pleasant approach and reach out to the next person.

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