Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Rocky Start

There is nothing wrong with stepping away from your business, from your projects, or from whatever has you overwhelmed. (If you are starting October smooth sailing with a free, refreshed mind, congratulations. Maybe you should be writing this blog post and not I!) If you are like me, you have a hard time stepping away, but sometimes you have to push pause to get refreshed. (S/N: To step away does not mean to ignore. Tamu is not telling you to ignore.) Perhaps you can find your refresher in doing/starting something this month that has nothing to do with work or whatever else has your focus 120% of the time.  For me, I've been wanting to support events that I care about. I've been wanting to spend time with family and friends consistently and not so sporadically. This month a friend of mine is holding an event to recognize the importance of mental health awareness. I will be there live and in color. My sisters and I had a plan (last year!) to meet every month for dinner. We did not stay true to our plan. So today, through gliding and texting, starting this month, we've made a plan to stick with our plan! Disrupting that 120% focus and put yourself into a position to focus on other people or other things, can be the refresher that you need to receive direction and be inspired all over again. 
Happy October!


  1. Hallejuah!!! (Did i spell that right? Lol) I love our sissy dates!!!

  2. Let's try Hallelujah.. lol! they are fun!