Sunday, September 13, 2015

They told you NO? So What?!

I don't care how tough a person may appear, no one, and I mean no one, likes to hear NO. No one likes to be on rejection's receiving end. Raise your hand if the bank said NO to your business line of credit request?! Raise your hand if you weren't chosen to be in the top ten because your product wasn't good enough?! Raise your hand if the manufacturer told you NO because you were too new?! Yep! If you look real close, both of my hands are raised. Even the strongest person will have to admit, after so many times of hearing NO, that she'll start to ask herself, "What am I doing? Maybe I'm just crazy for pursuing this (whatever "this" may be)!" But it's what you do with the rejection that makes the difference. When my rejections starting coming in, it would piss me off. I would rush to throw the emails and letters out. My voice tone would change when I was speaking with someone. I guess you could call this an "emotional reaction." (Insert a smirk here.) I've decided now to keep all of my rejection memories; I'm keeping all letters and emails. I'm making note of conversations. Why?!, You ask. Because those memories force me to keep my eyes on my vision. Those memories force me to keep working and to keep preparing even when it seems like nothing is happening. Those memories force me to celebrate what's already been accomplished. Now, let's make a toast to NO...and go ask someone else!
For your viewing pleasure, check out this link from my Spring/Summer 2016 showcase.

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