Thursday, June 14, 2012

Roll Up Your Sleeves

We’ve read it in books, heard it on talk shows, see it in ads, it is so cliché- Dream Big.  Even as cliché as it is, I believe in it.  Sometimes I wish I didn’t.  Dreaming big repositions you so far out of your comfort zone, that when you realize how far you’ve gone, it’s too late to get scared and turn around! I have tried to tone down my goals, but that would require me to just settle for my current position.  That is difficult to do, when you know you have more to do. Dreaming big requires rolling up your sleeves and getting into the trenches. It requires mental, emotional, and physical energy.  At times, you will have to reach through inner layers to grab hold of that energy.  Dreaming big shifts you beyond what you thought was your limit.  It will require you to look foolish to those who really don’t understand your ambition and what you are attempting to accomplish.  Another cliché moment: I firmly believe, that what you can think, you can make happen.  I understand this immense entity called LIFE, can zap our energy in ways we are not expecting, leaving us exhausted on all levels. So exhausted, to the point, where we start to question whether reaching for that next goal is even worth it. (Ask me how I know!)  To get past that point, I have had to use what I have already accomplished as fuel for the next phase.  Now, to those of you who are comfortable with what you have accomplished so far and you have decided to not expel anymore energy on any more goals, you are appreciated! To those of us, who are not finished, let’s roll up our sleeves, and keep dreaming, keep going, and keep doing!

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