Thursday, June 7, 2012

The “F” Word

Let us get close and personal for a minute. I have endured painful situations at the hands of other people. I am sure you can say the same. The hurt was unfair and unjust. The hurt left emotional and mental scars. Now let me speak for myself. I have been bitter to the point of..well..let me not continue before I incriminate myself. I did not fully understand what the saying, “Forgive for yourself” really meant. It just did not make sense to me because I was angry and I had a right to be! But, I think I get it now. As long as I was pissed off, fuming mad, and bitter, I was basically asking to be stuck in distress and sadness or just stuck…period. I owed it to myself to release that debris. That hatred and anger was kryptonite to my existence. When I grasped this reality, I embraced…Forgiveness. It did not happen overnight. You see, this Forgiveness business, is a tough one.  No matter what excuse I came up with to not forgive, I still had to recognize my hatred was hurting no one, but me. When I truly grasped that fact, something happened that I could not believe. My view for these people turned from hatred to pity. I realized they are sad souls, who have actually gone on with their lives. Now, I will never have dinner with these people, meet them for happy hour, give them a coke and smile, or even wish them a good day.  I am happy with the progress I have made thus far.  At this point, I am satisfied that the contempt I once held is no longer weighing me down. I now pack light. Disclaimer: This post is not related to “Get Over It.”  This post goes far beyond that.

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  1. Forgiving can be hard but very freeing!