Friday, June 1, 2012

MY 1st

I’ve always let the “1st” pass me by as just another day, but I realized I should be embracing my gift, my new beginning. So, at the start of 2012, I told myself I would make a special effort to recognize the first day of every month and to really seize its’ moment. The “1st” marks the beginning of: new opportunities, dreams realized, new relationships, healed relationships, new good habits.  The “1st” means I have a chance to right what I did wrong during the last 30 days. The “1st” means I survived whatever the last 30 days brought to me. The “1st” represents a chance for harmony in my life. I used to hear a phrase over and over again, “walking into a new month is like walking into a dark closet.” (blank stare) Ok, not only does this phrase instill fear, but it also robs you of the excitement of starting something new. Of course, no one knows what life will bring in a new month…Ms. Cleo left the building a long time ago.  However, I choose to hold onto the positive possibilities. So, it should not be surprising for me to tell you I think the “1st” should be celebrated. Celebrate it in your own way; light a candle, do something on the “1st” that you wish you had done in the last 30 days, get a few of your “close ones” and make a toast,  just recognize, welcome, and embrace it! (And here you thought this post would be about something else, get your mind right and hey…..thanks for reading!)

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  1. Dara Newson6/09/2012

    Hey! I've never about the "1st" like this! I will begin after reading this!:)