Thursday, June 28, 2012

Take a Moment

Often, I wonder how in the world am I supposed to get done what I have to get done. I feel like I’m always rushed. There are days I feel like throwing my calendar out of a window. I get caught up with being busy and making preparations for tomorrow that I never take a minute to just be in the current moment. I have noticed my so called relaxation isn’t relaxation at all. My mind races heavily and I then I realize I’ve just spent the last 15 minutes thinking about what I needed to do next! It’s becoming more important for me to seize time to be tranquil and just look at my surroundings. I’m constantly proclaiming to the world my pressing need for a vacation. Maybe I wouldn’t feel this way all of the time, if I take a minute to just sit and listen to the calm and get recharged. I believe that more peace would come when I take time to notice my own breaths and feel my own heart beat. I guess it would be okay for my mind to race at first, because being silent will focus my attention to what and how I’m thinking. There are different situations that have sparked my preoccupation with making this apart of my life, as I still have yet to do so. (I got it! I’ll make it apart of my work out sessions.) I realize these moments have been of great value for quite some time. I’m sure that many of you already appreciate these quite moments. So, please excuse me for not being up to speed. Excuse me again, as I “take a moment.

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