Sunday, June 29, 2014

Part 2 of "For your enjoyment"

If you remember in part one, I mentioned sacrifice. Maybe this post is premature; maybe I should wait until I've made more progress in my business, but here it goes. I've realized that starting a business can be a lonely process. I have beautiful people around me who love and support me, so how can loneliness be "here"? Since starting, I've had to sacrifice time spent with my circle. I've had to make phone conversations brief. I'm about to miss out on a trip to support my sister in her competition. I've had pass up those tender moments when I'm just with my family for no other reason than to just see their faces. Sometimes I feel like the little kid who got sent to her room and looks out the window at the other kids wishing she could play too (slightly dramatic, but honest). I've had to say no to weekend dinners, parties, and happy hour chatter. My social life....hmmmm...let me check in my bag and see if it's in there. Taking a break now consists of me completing that little, cumbersome, business chore. This business is my child-it has taken over my life. My hope is that my circle understands my intentions. I certainly don't want anyone to feel like they are less of a priority. I try to get phone times in when I'm driving or take a second to send a "checking in" message. Ok Tamu Talks readers. What do you think? Will better time management help me? or Do I just need to "man" up and deal with it?

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