Tuesday, June 10, 2014

An Exercise Moment-Again

Now let's talk workout gear. I mentioned this in the last post, but you want to be comfortable when you exercise in general. When it comes to running, shoes are everything. I wouldn't suggest being cheap on the shoes. A good pair of running shoes are light and have good ankle protection. While you are trying them on, a good test will be to jump up and down..yes..jump up and down in the store! How do your feet feel when you land? Are the shoes light and "cushiony" around your ankles? Take the time to try on running shoes that will work for you-this can be the difference between you and an injury. Now for the clothes, I keep my attire as simple as possible. I stick with tanks and sports bras; those are most comfortable for me. I find long and cropped sweat pants to be more comfortable than leggings. Leggings hold sweat in-gross. Now is the time when you can be frugal. Tank tops you can buy anywhere, but Old Navy is usually my "go-to-tank top-store." I buy my sports bras in packages of 3; I get these at any Wal-Mart or Target. Danskin makes a cropped, soft, cotton/polyester blend sweat pant with an elastic waist and tie and where do I find this brand? Yep. Wal-Mart. Don't negate fit just because you are buying clothes to run in. Will your clothes make your run the most enjoyable thing in the world? I won't answer that. I will say that dressing for a purpose does change your mind set about what you are about to do. So Happy Running! (If you are a new runner or you are just getting started with a workout routine, we would love to hear about your progress :-))

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