Sunday, June 15, 2014

Flats are sexy too!

If are like me, you put on heels every chance you get-no special occasion needed.  Yes, I've read the articles about what excessive "heel-wearing" can do to my ankles. I wear heels so much that when I finally do pull out the flats, my feet do thank me! You don't have to look or feel "frumpy" in flats.  They can be just as sexy as heels. The trick to flats is that you DO want to show leg! You can wear flats with dresses and skirts, but opt for those short dresses and mini flared skirts. Of course the length will depend on where you are headed, so for a more conservative look, choose the hem line that hits right above the knee.  When you wear pants with flats, make sure your pants aren't too long. Your pants should hit right at the top of your foot. If you absolutely have to have some type of height at all times, don't forget about the 1/2 inch "heels". Go for the pointed toe, 1/2 inch heel. This next-to-nothing heel will still elongate you.  Speaking of the pointed toe, if you are petite, pointed toe flats over a rounded toe will be your best option. The rounded toe tends to shorten rather than elongate. Be trendy with your flats.  Choose wild prints over solid colors. One of my favorite flats is the, sexy and sometimes edgy, gladiator sandals. I swear they look perfect with everything!  Happy flat hunting.
Pair these leopards with a flared skirt or dress.

These are perfect for adding a pop of color.
This is a navy blue skirt that can be worn with both flats shown above. To simplify, add a white blouse, tank top, or crop top.
Yes I know. Another celebrity pic, but it shows how chic flats can look with a dress. 
A Kardashian. Stay calm. This pic shows my favs!

These are perfect for short shorts!

Notice how the pants hit right above the foot.

Wear these hot ones with a flirty little black or red dress.

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  1. Anonymous6/20/2014

    I love the denim sandals!