Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Oh $#!^; I almost missed it!

Yep, I almost missed July's introduction! Since I've started making a point to blog specifically about the "First", it's my business to remain consistent. If that is one thing that has stood out for me within these last 4 months, it is the importance of consistency. I've attempted to start my business before, how about 15 years ago (somewhere around there)?! Well, nothing became of it. Why? Because I was not consistent. Deep down I knew what I wanted, but I kept going back and forth. I was "uneven"! That's why now at 37 years old, I sometimes feel as though I'm starting all over. I understand those feelings, but I don't let them put shade over my vision.  Consistency applies to everything you can possibly think of and it takes honesty to acknowledge areas where consistency doesn't exist. So, July has just become the official month of: "Making decisions and sticking to them",  "Being steady",  and "Being positively relentless." Enjoy.

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