Friday, May 2, 2014

"Plane" Clothes

Warm weather is moving in on us (maybe for you extra lucky ones, perhaps you are feeling the heat right now!) and so are peak traveling times. Sitting in an airport presents so many opportunities to hand out fashion violations. While going through security, the last thing we want to think about is whether we are ready for a fashion photo shoot or not. I get that. But we don't have to look like "who did it and why" when we travel. I promise. So, my ideas for "flying cute" go like this; If you don't want to freeze to death on the plane, I'd stay away from wearing shorts. I find jeans uncomfortable to sit in for extended periods of time, so I usually opt to wear leggings or jeans (bright colors of course!)  that are made of a stretch blend. Linen pants are also a great option because you don't have to think about wrinkles, they are heat friendly, but will keep your legs from turning into icicles on the plane. This is where you can reach for that maxi dress..again (it's so versatile, it's ridiculous!).  Pair it with a denim jacket or any jacket or sweater light enough to quickly fold and tuck away into your bag once you land (I know how annoying it is to walk around with bulky jackets and sweaters and luggage!).
Now, can I get a window seat?

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