Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May-be Fashionably Late

May can sometimes feel like December, when it comes to the pocket book with all the holidays, graduations, party invites and gift buying. It would be easy to spend a fabulous penny on clothes to keep you looking your best for each event. But because you know the power of mixing and matching, you don't have to spend too much (unless you want to). I think people treat graduations like weddings; just because it's warm outside doesn't mean you should wear denim shorts to a graduation. The dress for a graduation is on the same lines as dressing for a wedding. Look like you are going to a celebration, but not in a way that draws attention (Well, maybe a little attention won't hurt). Go for a classic full skirt with a loose fitting blouse. For that memorial day barbeque you have planned, here is your chance to wear denim shorts. You can pair that same blouse with shorts...and I dare you to add a pop of color by pairing with bright colored shoes-have fun with it. If you know you'll be outside for a lengthy amount of time, to save your legs from mosquitoes, opt for cropped linen pants, still keeping those bright colored shoes of course.  For you party animals that won't be satisfied with just an outside barbeque, for your night out, take that same full skirt and pair with a fitted strapless top or go backless. 10 more days of May, make it count!

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