Saturday, May 24, 2014

Beauty Outside

With the exception of this one, it seems most of my Memorial Day weekends are spent outside - eating! Depending on your location, this weekend can be tricky on the weather front. The weather can be perfect with just the right amount of sun and breeze or it can be blazing hot with no breeze (which doesn't bother me at all!). Oh wait. I forgot one. it can also be cloudy one minute, sunny the next, then intermittent rain. I digress. Regardless of your situation, other than your grilled food, here are a few items that can help get you through the elements. Don't leave home without that SPF protection. Yes I'm talking about sunscreen that some of us don't think we need. I reach for the unscented spray-on sunscreens.  The spray-on sunscreen products go on smoother than the lotions. I always wear an SPF lip balm underneath a tinted gloss to keep my lips moisturized. Although some of you can't help that you shine bright in crowds, to help control that unwanted extreme face shine- you know the kind that can give you that un-sexy, greasy look- try a loose, bronzed powder. If applied extremely light, it can be used the same as a pressed powder. Leave room in your bag for your favorite travel size scent. I prefer a roll-on scent or a small spray. I don't know if it's possible to completely avoid smelling like charcoal, but having my favorite scent at my fingertips just makes me feel better. A few of my favorite "outside" beauty products are listed below. Have a happy one.

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