Saturday, May 31, 2014

Let's Talk Swimsuits!

 I love sitting by the pool, drinking sweet iced tea, listening to smooth jazz, with no worries. This is one of my ways to relax during the summer months. Shopping for a swimsuit can be quick and easy. We've all seen those pictures that show what type of swimsuit to pick out for your body type. I'll try to simplify with words here and show examples at the end. The body type termed "boyish" figure, which I don't like by the way, is for the small figured, less curvaceous woman. If this shape belongs to you, reach for that printed 2 piece with a top that has a defined bust line and bottoms that have gathering detail on the sides for the illusion of curves. Any print will also add to the "curve appeal."  If you're really blessed on top or really blessed on the bottom, try this: Reach for the padded halter top that will keep "them" up and in; The bottoms that offer full coverage can be your go-to. Full coverage bottoms can also hide stretch marks and can also help "hold in" in a round stomach. For you hour glasses, cut out one pieces are gorgeous for you. If you "2 piece it", avoid those hipsters, aka boyshorts. Those can tend to "non-accentuate" your waistline. If you are "curvaceously curvy", one piece suits that draw the waist in are flattering-usually these suits will have a geometric pattern on them. Swimsuits, 2 piece or 1, are made to draw attention to certain parts of the body. While you're shopping, you have to decide what you don't mind showing. This is what I say about shopping for clothes in general: In the end you have to be comfortable with what's in your mirror, but have fun and try something new. 
If a 1 piece is always your go-to, choose a style similar to this, with an accentuated waist line, plenty of "top" support, and full bottom coverage. Reach for a bright color. Even though I've used this picture as an example, this color is actually gorgeous on any skin tone.
This picture shows an example of the style of bottoms that honor the hour glass figure. I mentioned avoiding hipsters in my post. Those can give the illusion of the "muffin top".

Here is the geometric pattern that will either accentuate the waist line or give an illusion of a waist line.

This is an example of bottoms that will give you the desired full coverage.
Here is the style I was referring to for the small figured woman.
This is just one example, amongst hundreds, of the "1 piece cut out" I mentioned for hour glass figures.

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