Sunday, April 27, 2014

Good News

(Follow up to "There's Always Room.") I walk into the conference room expecting to see a small group of people. Instead of a starting line up I hoped for, there's an entire basketball team staring at me (Ok. Only 10 people, but you get the idea). Some with smiles and some with blank stares. Regardless of their expressions, they are anticipating my final presentation. I instantly get those sweat beads on my forehead. While I'm setting up my garment and mood board for show, I'm frantically talking to myself, "You are Tamu. You are in your element. Own it." So, I start talking. I find myself treating this presentation as if I'm making a sales pitch to buyers looking for the next apparel line. Aside from the slight emotional moment I had, I left the panel feeling good. Today confirms the "goodness." I've been chosen to showcase my first Spring/Summer line during Omaha Fashion Week-August 18-23rd. Is this New York Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week? Not yet; I'm moving down the list.

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