Sunday, April 13, 2014


These few weeks into April have been fast, exciting, and challenging! We know time goes by when you are busy. Exciting because of the "Big Wins" I was able to witness and be a part of.  Challenging- Let's save that for later.  If I didn't really know before, I know now what it means to stretch yourself! I have learned these last 13 days that when you are stretched beyond your capacity or beyond what you thought you could accomplish, the outcomes are pleasantly shocking. I watched my sister get crowned Miss Nebraska (and next to compete in the Miss United States Pageant in July and yes, I'm pointing this out for the sole purpose of you tuning in~ Check your local listings!) This was an opportunity she almost ignored because she had never competed in any pageant...ever. Pageants were not her thing! Imagine that. I was chosen as a finalist to present a spring/summer women's wear collection in hopes of debuting my line during Nebraska Fashion Week this August. I made the final cut literally within minutes! When you take the risk of throwing yourself into elements that could open doors to your next level (even if that path is not at all what you had planned) things happen...good things happen. Don't worry about what the path looks like.

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