Sunday, March 30, 2014

Makeup pause

As you Spring clean, or in other words, shop for those trendy wardrobe pieces this season, do not forget to show your cosmetic bag, kit, or drawer some attention. I was asked to provide my freelance makeup artistry while attending a wedding last weekend. Even though I probably ended up with more makeup on my white shirt (yes, I wore a white shirt while I was working! what was I thinking?! the shirt was extra cute though) while I "glammed" up my clients, I had so much fun. When I was first asked, to prepare, I practiced creating natural looks by playing it safe with bronze, earth tones. Instead, I opted for bold plums and slightly dramatic eyes.  While you are rejuvenating your makeup collection this season, reach for something you may not be used to wearing. For your lips, try a plum shade and pair with a deep burgundy eye liner. Coral is also a beautiful shade for lips; try a coral gloss and pair with an emerald eye shadow that has shimmer or simply use a green eye liner; be delicate with your application. Of course, the shades will always depend on your skin tone, so treat yourself to a "cosmetic counter makeover" to be sure you choose the right shades or better yet, contact me for your consultation.

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