Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Top 7

During this time, there are shows who give highlights of fascinating moments, fascinating people, or pure ridiculousness of the closing year. Well guess what?! Yours truly has created her first list…Top 7 long moments of “Pure Ridiculousness that needs to end in 2013.” Please note: The number does not denote the level of “ridiculousness.”
1)     Every unfavorable situation, including bad weather, has been blamed on President Obama. Just stop it. You know who you are.
2)     Those of you constantly claiming to have “haters” aka “fans.” Who cares? Just get more hobbies. This way there would be no more mental energy left to spend on all “haters” and “fans.”
3)     Facial tattoos. No.
4)     Being afraid to make that dream a reality. At least try. (A reminder to myself.)
5)     Men with braids/long hair. I can’t.
6)     People sending me game requests on facebook. 
7)   People talking about themselves in 3rd person, like I just did above. 


  1. Anonymous12/29/2013

    #5 LOL.....I CAN'T SEE U EITHER!