Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My list of "2013's Fascinating People"


My Nephew
There’s no holding my nephew in my arms because he is now walking! Because my parents’ house is not baby proof, we had to create barricades to keep him in one room. I watched him as he studied the “barricades”: walking back and forth trying to figure out a way to get free! Kids show us how to be resourceful: if you can’t get one thing one way, they show us how to create another route to get where we are trying to go.

My Niece
When my niece asks for something, in her mind, it has already happened. When she makes a statement, she says it with fact even when there is no evidence. Kids show us how to be bold with our faith. Thanks to my niece for reminding me to just believe.

My Grandfather
You know the adage, “It’s never too late”, well; my grandfather personifies that to the fullest. How many people in their 80s do you know still compete in weight lifting contests? About 1 month ago, he competed and beat several records. He doesn’t do it for notoriety. He does it just because he enjoys it.

My Brother
This year I really had the chance to watch my brother as he is fulfilling his role as a father. I’m sure there are times things get tough for him in his new role. The way he has embraced fatherhood has given me many “Proud Big Sis” moments.

My Mother
I’m the age my mom was when she decided to pursue a career she’s always wanted. She pursued HARD in unfavorable situations. Today, she has those two letters behind her name.  Her success goes beyond having those letters. She is also successful because she didn’t wait for the “time to be right” nor did she wait until she “had more money.”  I'd say most of her success lies in the fact she realized she waited long enough and made a decision to go for it. No excuses.

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