Saturday, September 21, 2013

Put yourself in my shoes or get your own pair!

All of my life I’ve dreamed of having a large walk in closet,  more like a show room, fully loaded with nothing but shoes! That was slightly dramatic and a wordy way to say, “I love shoes.” I know I’ve said I don’t really follow season trends, but when it comes to shoes, I will make an exception. I think an outfit should be planned around the shoes. I think the shopping experience is much more fun if you buy the shoes first (if you don’t think shopping is an experience than you are doing it wrong!).  After looking at photos from runway shows, the styles for this fall/winter aren’t really anything we haven’t seen before. Even with that being said, what I saw still looked fresh and new.  We have the military influenced boots (flats and heels) with the straps on the sides. I can’t get enough of the leopard print ankle boots, lace or zip ups. Not so much my style, but you will see much of that pointy toe look on the boots, and regular heels.  Side-note: Every time I see the pointy toe shoe, I think of the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz (shrugs shoulders) don’t ask! Back to shoe news- Having a pair of flat boots is one of those staples to keep because you can still look like you are ready for a photo shoot and be comfortable at the same time. The “booties” are a must because they are simply adorable, no other reason.  Let’s not forget we need a pair of those girly heels. You know the ones-professional enough for work, but have a sexy side for a night out. Those heels are a necessity for every season. My absolute favorite- the thigh high boots! They yell “Make room because I’m coming through.” So, enjoy the cold (ha ha). Buy shoes.

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