Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fashion Pause

There was an abnormal chill in the Summer air when I went out the other night. Because I couldn’t bring myself to face the reality that my favorite season was fading, I still dressed like it was a typical hot Summer night. Then a non-meteorologist spoke to me and said, “Tamara I don’t know why you dressed like that don’t you know there’s a cold front moving through?” Lol! Trust me, it was hilarious! I think there should only be 3 seasons: Spring, Summer, and Cold.  I only enjoy talking about season change into the Cold because that adds to my list of reasons to discuss fashion. Now if you are like me you don’t necessarily need a reason to go shopping, but moving into the Cold season can give you plenty of justifications for spending money on clothes. Buying essentials for the Cold season doesn’t mean you have to pack up ALL summer clothes. Layering is a good way to move into the Cold. So think twice before you pack away that colorful maxi or strapless dress. Pair that dress with a jacket, scarf, and pair of boots. With a shorter dress, it’s easy to dress for the season by pairing it with tights. When I wear sweaters, I will wear a “barely there” shirt or a tank so that I don’t burn up. (By the way, I say never pack away the tank tops.)  Also, whatever you do, don’t pack away the brights! We associate bright colors with Summer, but I think bright colors can and should be worn throughout the year. These are very simple ways to transition your wardrobe from Summer into Cold, without having to spend much money. For those of us who don’t live in Honolulu, here are pictures of ideas for “transition into the Cold” ensembles:

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  1. Anonymous9/16/2013

    I was just getting ready to pack away my sundresses and maxis until I saw this post. I love the layer look! I think I will keep a few of those sundresses out!