Saturday, October 27, 2012


Seasons are changing, time is moving. I have been trying my best to keep up and I’m sure you are doing the same. I hope that what ever transitions you have experienced have brought enlightenment and more fuel to your journey. I know it has for me. I would describe my feeling right now as excitement. Not because of the transition into a cold season (depending on where you live), but because I’ve been having these “Aha” Moments.  (Side note: I know Oprah came up with the “aha moments” phrase, but allow me to borrow the phrase for this post.)  I won’t go into it again here, but I’ve talked about how I have learned to be flexible with my life plans. In my mind, I have envisioned how I am going to achieve a goal, the steps I have to take, and in what order!  Lately, I have laughed at myself, repeatedly for being so naive to think that I have that much control! (Perhaps I need to deal with a control issue.) You know how it goes when things happen and it begins to look like your goals and whatever you desire, have been pushed back, so far back that you can’t even see them anymore?! As you stumble along the way, you start to wonder why this and that happened. As you start to regain your balance, you realize you are facing opportunities to accomplish whatever it is you want. I’m excited about those opportunities. I was just wrong about the path I thought I was going to take to get there.  I’m looking back at a few of the “events”, that once had me picking my face up off of the floor, and I’m able to say, “Ok. I get it. I had to go through that to be ready for this opportunity.” (HOWEVER, there are still some other “happenings” that I’m still scratching my head on.)  Whether or not control is a factor, it’s still a “mutha” for reality to not match what you have written down, drawn out, or mapped out. Don’t worry about how you will get there (wherever or whatever your “there” is), just know your opportunities are still very present. 

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