Sunday, November 18, 2012

So Sentimental

(Pardon me in advance if the content of this post sounds like it could be a part of a story line for one of those "cheesy" holiday lifetime movies.) I have been experiencing this overwhelmingly appreciation for the people in my life. My family and friends close enough to be considered family, are a huge part of the reason why my life is so full. When I listen to the successes they’ve reached along with the disappointments they have endured, I feel blessed to be surrounded by such powerful people. When I get advice from them, I’m confident their advice to me serves a positive purpose only because they are in my corner. By the way, if you have to second guess whether someone in your life is in your corner…**Breaking News** …they are probably are not. Not to bring anyone down, but there are so many people who are truly living life alone.  This being alone is not just a feeling, but it is their reality.  I don’t believe a person was put here in the earth to handle LIFE all by themselves. The people in my life make up my support system: support through failures, disappointments, and success! Through my support system, I get plenty of encouragement and laughs!! My title for the person who really thinks he/she can live life alone…Fool. (Harsh?...not really.) Taking it further, I could list what each person in my support system adds to my life. I won’t do it here, but I hope I’m adding the same positive thread to their lives as they have added to mine.

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