Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Hangover

If you are like me, then you are still coming off the Thanksgiving food high and still working off the 5000 calories you inhaled on Thursday! This time every year, people become extra emotional, extra sensitive, extra “lovey-dovey”, and extra thankful and grateful for what they have.  I guess that is what’s called the “Holiday Spirit.” At the start of 2012, I made it my resolution to be more thankful for my life and those in it. Making that resolution must have worked because all year I’ve had this overwhelmingly grateful attitude for the people I love and for the gift of living; and by living I mean the ability to exist, to be able to dream, to think, and to create. As I was shoveling food into my mouth, no one knew, but I had to hold back tears. To say that I was happy to be surrounded by my family would be an understatement. The image was picture perfect!! I wonder what kind of energy would exist in the world if this attitude was a part of us all of the time. Whatever kind of gratitude you felt and expressed while you were eating your greens, turkey and dressing, macaroni and cheese and whatever else you had piled up on your plate, why not carry that same level of gratitude daily?  I know being grateful can be challenging when we are having those “life can be a real #####” days. How about before making a complaint, stop yourself and ask, “What can I be thankful for at this moment to wash away this complaint?” I’m talking to myself too people! I’m not telling you how you should think. I’m just making a very strong suggestion. We don’t have to wait for a holiday to be thankful or show gratitude. It should be a lifestyle.