Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Change Episode

If anyone would ask, “How many people are not afraid of change?" , I would be the first one to have both hands raised high.  Without change there is no progress, no growth, no newness, no life! Yes, that all sounds good, but are we really ready for the change we seek? I had to ask myself this question recently. This last change episode, albeit positive, the waters have been shaky, leaving me to feel nervous and uneasy at times. I’m in new territory, I have new opportunities, I have new challenges, and I have more to consider. So why do I catch myself thinking, “Before all of “this”, things sure were simpler!” As life goes on, I’m really starting to understand how people can remain complacent. When I was younger, I could never understand how or why people would talk about what they wished they could do or talk about all of these moves they wanted to make in their lives, but then followed up with a reason for not moving! So much comes with stepping into a new territory. I’m going to venture off and say change has an emotional piece to it also. Change is not just about what’s happening on the exterior, but internally, we are also affected. True, it can be overwhelming. Change can happen so fast, we don’t often get that much needed moment to process what has taken place. With all of that being said, we deserve positive changes that come from working hard, hoping and praying (yes I do believe in prayer.) So when you see change taking place, do not take a step back, don’t second guess yourself, gather whatever you need, follow the yellow brick road, and go.  

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