Thursday, April 27, 2017

Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

I am excited about what has transpired in my life within the last few weeks. But wait…I had to adjust my thinking and my view to get to the “excited” phase. A few transitions have occurred; both sudden and prepared; both stress-free and not really my first choice. I knew in my business, it was time for me to make changes in order to grow; one in particular change meant investing in an office space for production and showroom purposes. So, I did! This new investment meant lowering my living expenses significantly! So significantly, I was starting to feel like I was taking 10 steps backward until I was reminded of my own tweet: No Great Achievements without Great Sacrifices!  
If you would have told me I would be “here” two years ago, I would have smiled and frowned at you within a space of 5 seconds. I started to wonder how I would’ve handled this transition if I was 15 years or even 20 years younger. I know that I certainly would not have viewed things in a positive way. I certainly would not have viewed my transitions as stepping stones into another stage. It makes me laugh at how one of the sacrifices I’m making right now is actually something I was afraid I would have to do years ago; Which is why I didn’t pursue all the things I wanted to do when I was younger! Funny how life works. These last few weeks have prompted this list of what I would tell my younger self:
Relax; Calm TF down
Stop being hard on yourself; growth occurs every day of life
Be yourself; and strive every day to be more of your self
Have a big plan, with flexibility and then plan Bigger
Understand transition does not mean starting over; transition is moving from one stage to the next
Be care-free from people’s opinions of you; this will allow you to make the necessary sacrifices to make those visions realities
Your vision and how you view things affects your words, your actions, your life
You will be Fine and Fabulous

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