Friday, March 31, 2017

Nerve Wrecking!!

      I have some nerve-wrecking and exciting news to share with you. I just released my new e-book on Amazon, My Iconic Mess & The Empire on the Other Side.
    I started working on this project in October 2015 (Yes, 2015!) and it is finally complete. Writing books has always been on my vision board, but I did not expect to write my first one this soon. As many of you know, I have a clothing line that I have been working diligently on. The process has been rewarding and tough. Since starting the business, I've had conversations with people that have ventures and experiences they would like to pursue, but for many reasons, they do not; leaving them unfulfilled. I’ve also had conversations with people that are pursuing what’s on their vision boards, but the tough moments seem to be bigger than their end goals. I wrote this first book to tell both of those groups of people, “Hey, I’m there with you. I’m in it with you. I understand the preservations, the fears. I understand the long moments of wanting to throw the vision board out of the window.”
   Although it is a short read, this book outlines my process in real time, with a back story. Some of it may put a smile on your face. Some of it may have you shaking your head. I do not classify this work to be a self-help book. I did not write it to tell people what to do with their lives or to follow a “5-step program for success.” Everyone’s life is different. My hope is for someone to just simply say, after reading this book, “If she can do it, start it, pursue it, then so can I.” 
  To take a look inside my book, click on the link below. Then share it with your family, your 
friends, friends of friends, your cousin’s friends, your hairstylist’s friends, the bartender’s get the idea! Happy reading!

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