Thursday, March 16, 2017

Put Your Signature On It

“Excuse me, I hope this doesn’t seem weird, but you look so nice.” After thanking her for being so nice, a brief conversation took place. The woman expressed her concern that women don’t complement each other enough. She went on to tell me how her 11-year old daughter is having problems at school with other girls not liking her. I made a few comments, but decided to listen mostly. Had I said everything I wanted to say, we would probably still be in the same spot talking..that was 3 weeks ago!
After wishing her a good day, I started going over the many reasons why her daughter and so many other little girls have problems with being singled out in a negative way. The reasons go on for decades! Whatever the reason, the hateful kids learn from hateful adults. I also thought about her first comment “women don’t complement each other enough.” Once again, the reasons go on for decades. I believe the main reasons are insecurity and the need to compete. But hold up? Why do those reasons have to be attributed to just women?! Some Men are insecure and look at their peers at competition too!
How do we stop the insecurity and the competition?! By realizing that we each hold something unique to offer the world. You may have the same business idea as the next person, but YOUR delivery won’t be the same. You may have the same book idea as the next person, but no one can tell the story the way that YOU will. Everything we touch will have our unique signatures planted on “it” and throughout “it”; whatever “it” is. When we think this way, we’ll be more inclined to help each other out. We’ll be more inclined to offer sincere compliments to that man/woman who is just simply putting their signature on “it.”  So, come on adults, let’s act right, so the kids will treat each other right.

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