Monday, May 1, 2017

No Chocolate and Cherries On Top!

I believe in positive thinking, speaking, and work…the 3 complement each other.  Before you know it, you’re moving into the direction of how you think and speak.  Yet again, before you know it, things begin to fall in place. Yet again, before you know it, your life starts to look like your vision board.  Some things begin to fall into place a little sooner than you expected and that’s when you say to yourself, “I’m really doing this. This is really happening.” There’s more work to be done, but the gratification becomes your ammunition. So, when you’re moving into the next phase of your vision, why the slight irritation? Where is the next phase coupled with chocolate and cherries on top? The next phase is exciting, but the next phase also means omission and more responsibility. Omission of what you ask? Omission of anything or anyone (ouch!) that will take up space for your next phase.  The omission is needed to make room for advancement. Whatever you’ve had to sacrifice was needed to get you to the next phase, but it’s not needed anymore. Your advancement comes with added responsibility; more decisions to be made, more plans to refine, more patience to muster up when tasks don’t get done within your time frame! I think we make ourselves believe that we cannot and should not take the next step because the progress isn’t smooth or there are too many kinks to iron out, or the omissions and sacrifices are uncomfortable to make.  This does not mean you cannot make your next move. It just means you are looking in the wrong place for the chocolate and cherries (try your local supermarket).
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