Sunday, December 18, 2016

Great Lipstick. Don't Leave Home Without It!

      You know bright colors steal my heart: Bright clothes, bright hair (to a certain extent!), bright nail color, and bright lipstick. Clinique is not my go-to product, but they wheeled me in with this plum matte shade. After trying it on, I realized I’ve been sleeping on Clinique! The shade is gorgeous! This is the time of the year that many of us are going to, or have already been to, holiday parties. If you are not used to wearing plum or any bright colors on your face, the holiday parties are the perfect time to try something different..right?
     The good thing about bright lip color is that the lipstick is all you need; Bright lip color can simplify your life. #1 Use a foundation that minimizes oil. The foundation will also help to even your skin tone.  #2 Line your top eye lid with a charcoal liner #3 Add mascara: wait for the first coat to dry and then hold the mascara wand on your outer lashes for a few seconds to create a wing tip and you’re off to your party! This look can be worn throughout the week also.
     With a plum shade or any bright matte lipstick, you may feel you need more definition on your eyes. To create this definition, along with steps above, #1 Cover your entire eye lid up to your brown line with a light eye shadow #2 In the crease your lids, add a small amount of any brown/gold eyeshadow #3 Take this same brown shade and line your lower outer lash line; creating a smear #4 Dust bronzer right below your cheekbones, on your nose and forehead!  Easy..right?!
 Check out the visuals!

Holding your mascara wand on your outer lashes will create a wing tip!
Nothing but the plum!
Brown eye shadow, bronzer, with the plum

Baby is freakin' cold outside!

Cover your eyelid to your brow line with any light shade

Use a brown eye shadow like this to add to your crease and lower lash line

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