Sunday, November 20, 2016

Tis' the Season of the See-Food Diet

     Tis’ the Season of Eat-all-the-food-you-can-pile-on-your-plate diet! Other than music, nothing can bring people together like food! Whatever you call this time of the year, for many of us, it is an opportunity to spend extra time with family and friends we may not see on a regular basis. Some of us use this time to take more vacations. With this extra mode of chill that we slip into, we can easily have more than a few days of putting our feet up while devouring piece #2 of Grandma’s german chocolate cake!
     In the midst of all of the vacations, the food, extra desserts, and calorie filled drinks, can we agree to continue to take care of ourselves by keeping up with our workouts? Can we shake on it?!
Now that we have that settled, let’s talk about workout clothes.  Old Navy has all the workout clothes I need. The collection they have is made with quality, soft, lightweight fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable. Did I mention the price is also nice? If you are looking for $118 leggings to exercise in, you won’t find them at Old Navy. Recently, I picked up some adjustable rise, tight fitted leggings with a funky print in my favorite color and a loose fitted tank with a graphic print.  If you hurry, you can get both at 40% off. So go workout, eat, enjoy your time with your people and repeat!
     Share with us some tips that will keep us from pushing our workout clothes to the back of the closet during this time of the year! Let’s talk.

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